Not just thinking about Art

May 3, 2010 1 comment

It occurred to me earlier that thinking about Art is not doing Art! Several things are involved in actually doing Art. Granted, the first part of doing Art is thinking about it and about doing it. But it doesn’t become Art until you can get it out of your head and to some place where it can be shared. Your Art was given to you to share or to give away.

“Merely” thinking about your Art doesn’t “get it out there.” Doing your Art – for others whomever they are – is the reason we produce our Art. A poem, a score or a drawing on a piece of paper are all thoughts about something Art. Until the poem, the music, or the building are able to be experienced by others, true Art has not yet happened.

Given time not only will your Art be recognized as such, but it will also touch the heart and soul of each person who sees it.

Don’t just think about it; get it done!

Thinking About Art

April 28, 2010 Leave a comment

I was thinking today about Art being different to everyone. (This was while I was at work “multitasking.” The saying could just as well say, “One man’s Art is another man’s garbage; or vice versa.” The proof is in how different generations look at each others’ Art.

Personally, I’m not a fan of rap – or as my wife says, crap – music. It’s, I suppose a generational or cultural difference. My daughter-in-law likes 50’s and 60’s music, which I’m sure is under her mother’s influence. But she also listens to alternative [to] music.

I realize my generation and my age make me biased. My wife is in love with anything Monet. I prefer Escher or Dali.

I love the sound of almost any classical music, my wife doesn’t care for anything in a minor key. “Too morose.” But she’ll listen to country music – “Ah lost mah car, Ah lost ma dawg, AND Ah lost mah girl.” – or Brad Paisley.

If I’m going to listen to country music it’ll be the best of Bakersfield, California.

My heart is in theatre. When I was younger I loved to act. Now … well maybe if I found a character in his older years with enough character to matter; Ebenezer Scrooge, Fagin [Oliver Twist], or King Pelinore [Camelot]. But I teach. I teach acting and stagecraft.

I enjoy the films of the 50’s and 60’s, but today’s films are too explicit for my taste which make them this “man’s garbage.” I could make a moral statement about today’s cinema, but this is not the right platform for that today.

I have younger friends who are “war mongers” as long as they can participate without having to worry about really getting hurt. Yay GameBoy, Wii, and all those others out there. But they seem to get entirely engrossed in that to the exclusion of even their families.

So … back to Art. Our Art feeds us; feeds our souls and our hearts. Art fulfills needs we have which cannot be filled in any other way. Art is inside each one of us striving to get out, to express itself for the artist and for the audience, whomever that may be.

Keep your Art close to you, but give it at least a small place to “escape.” Caged Art is not effective Art. Real Art is a part of you which you are willing to share – or even to give away.

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What is Art … to You?

April 14, 2010 Leave a comment

I’ve probably written enough about the meaning of Art to me, my “journey” through the Art world, and my personal experience and philosophy of Art.

Therefore, I need to give you a chance to, also, give an opinion about what Art is and means to you. We’re all different, and this will help show that.

I don’t care about your age or your years of experience. Just post how Art – or your Art – makes you feel and why. Two questions which will say more about who you are than any other.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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What Art is Not

April 7, 2010 Leave a comment

Art is not painting or drawing or photography or producing ceramic objects. Art is not acting or dancing. Art is not singing or playing a musical instrument. Art is not writing poetry, short stories, or song lyrics. Art isn’t even directing or teaching.

These are all “merely” expressions of Art.

What is Art, then? Art is what comes from deep within your mind and your soul. It expresses who  you really are. Who God created you to be.

“In the beginning God created ….” Among the many things He created is  mankind. He created us to have all His attributes — including the capacity to create. The capacity to create Art.

Art, then, is a Gift from God and how well we use it truly determines who we really are in Jesus Christ. If we use it poorly it will reflect poorly on who we are. If we use it well and use it to honor God it will be a witness to why and how God expects us to demonstrate His Gift of Art.